The Story: Helicopter Helicopter was formed in Boston in the spring of 1998 by guitarists/vocalists Chris Zerby and Julie Chadwick. Naming the band after a game the two had played together at recess in elementary school, they signed with Lunch Records and began touring the U.S., quickly building a reputation for excellent songwriting, and developing a distinctive pop sound based on their intertwining male and female vocals. 
The band’s 2001 release “By Starlight” landed at #66 on the CMJ charts, and the CD’s success led to Helicopter Helicopter signing with Initial Records (Criteria, Boy Sets Fire, The Reputation, etc.). In May, 2003 Initial released the full-length “Wild Dogs with X-Ray Eyes.” The CD has garnered rave reviews from publications all across the country, including Alternative Press, Amplifier and the Boston Phoenix.

The band relocated to Los Angeles in 2004, an d shot a video for”Work is the Hammer”.

Helicopter helicopter has been featured in many skate and BMX videos including AMPED, PROPS, ROADFOOLS, and will be featured in the upcoming surf move, PEEL: The Peru Project- due out in theaters in the summer of 2006.

Helicopter helicopter is currently on hiatus, with Julie Chadwick and Chris Zerby moving on to work on their new project hello dragon

Wild Dogs with X-Ray Eyes (Initial Records) May 2003
Great Big Meaningless [re-release of early material] (Lunch Records) Nov.2002
* “Passing Car”, The Magnificent 7 (Lunch Records compilation) March 2002
* “Talk the Flyer Down”, Local Reaction (WFNX compilation) March 2002
By Starlight (Lunch Records) April 2001
* “Ghost Face”, Lights on Let’s Go! (Velvet Lounge Compilation) Feb. 2000
Analog & Electrical Fields (Lunch Records) Sept. 1999
* “Great Big Meaningless”, Ten Years After (Curve of the Earth) August 1999
Squids and Other Fishes (Lunch Records) Oct. 1998