Alternative Press.
“…more catchiness than a SARS ward.”

The Weekly Dig. (Boston, MA) Head West for Certain … Something 
by Georgiana Cohen
“God knows that Helicopter Helicopter, known to many as just H2, has logged enough mileage on Beatrice, the 1997 Ford 150 Econoline van that has propelled the band from coast to coast and to their place atop Boston’s pop hierarchy…” 

The Michigan TimesHelicopter Helicopter add retro touch to power-pop by John McKay.
“This is arguably the strongest power-pop album of the year…”

Amplifier. Album review by Kurt Orzeck
“If you’re a sucker for sweet and sour, expect to be entranced.”

Action Man Magazine. Review by Michael Carey. “Both male and female vocals, and hooks that would make Dr. J weep keep racking up the points for them on Wild Dogs w/X-Ray Eyes. “

Cincinnati Shows Page. Review by Tom
“Sweet as taffy male/female vocal harmonies with the kind of catchy melodies that make you grin so big your cavities show…”

Read Magazine. Editor’s Pick. 
“guitar-pop perfection…”

The Boston Globe. Rock Scene by Jonathan Perry.
“The new disc is an indie-pop tour de force”

Decoy. Review by Mark Osborne
“a well-constructed album from beginning to end, allowing no time to catch your breath.”

Movie Poop Shoot. Indie Pick of the week by Dave Thomas.
“One of the few new bands to integrate a successful male/female vocal…”

Wicked Land. 4 out of 5 review.
“this album is definitely a gem”. By Andreas.
“… one of the Top 5 Records 2003.”

Ghetto Blaster. Album Review by Eddie Fournier
“For fans of hook-laden yet rocking pop music, Helicopter Helicopter could very well be one of your new favorite bands. Male and female vocals play an adorable game of cat and mouse with each other, layering vocal harmonies one on top of the other with results that beg for you to sing along”.

Juice. Album Review by ALR
“Wild Dogs with X-Ray Eyes is a finely crafted album — rich with indie melodies and fuzzy guitar duels that hearken Americana rock (“Harsh Light”), alt-country (“Pine Trees on Fire”) and indie experiments (“Talented Socialites”). A stand-alone act worth sampling”.

The Underground Scene. Review by Nick.”…one of the most captivating feel-good releases of 2003″.
“For those who need a break from the pop-punk/emo ferris wheel that seems to penetrate every mass media market, Helicopter Helicopter delivers fresh earnest pop that is good for the ears and soul.” Album Review
“…one of the best records of the year, if not of the decade!” Album Review
“Album of the month! 10/10”

Boston Phoenix. Review by John Lefler”Helicopter Helicopter continue their journey toward pop perfection with this, their fourth release.” “If there is a rock band that deserves to become famous, Helicopter Helicopter is that band.” Review by David Perri
“…moody, edgy pop perfection.” By Michael Toland”would be perfect coming out of radio speakers…”

The Weekly Pitch (Kansas City)
“Guitarist and singers Chris Zerby and Julie Chadwick make a formidable – and photogenic – pair, trading vocals lines and power chords like seasoned veterns”

The Omaha Weekly (Omaha, Nebraska)
“Their latest Album is a jump forward for the band, with tight clean songs and timey guitar action”
“…great album from top to bottom…”

Isthmus. (Madison, WI)
“What sets these Bostonians apart is the rousing male-female vocal interplay…”

Alive (Columbus, Ohio). By Chip Midnight
“memorable guitar riffs and tight boy-girl harmonies…”

The Boston Herald. (Boston, MA) Album Review.
“You’ll be singing along in no time…”

Tangerine Magazine. Review by Glenn Tillman
“this band is all the rage right now, but I’m just not digging it….” –

Kerrang! Review by Alistair Lawrence.
“radio friendly brilliance…”

Stylus Magazine. Album Review.
“these Boston rockers can write an amazing hook”.